Why Us

What Differentiate us from Other Recruitment Agencies?


  • Our reputation of high successful placement ratio
  • Immediate response to our clients recruitment needs
  • Personal attention from highly experienced members with a hands-on approach. Our consultants are highly skilled recruiters with vast industry knowledge and business skills
  • Ongoing contact with our clients
  • In depth understanding of client culture and our dedication to ensure relationship building and understanding ­on our clients expectations
  • Provide detailed information on candidates
  • Comprehensive filtering and screening of candidates
  • Meticulously chosen candidates which allows our client to make an informed decision
  • Our clients don’t have to go through endless CV’s and unnecessary time wasting
  • We provide a suitable shortlist
  • We do all the necessary reference and credit checks
  • A fee structure which is both competitive and success based
  • Commitment to the internal training of consulting staff to ensure continuous development and therefore a higher level of service to our clients


Recruitment services

We have robust policies and practices in place and our employee and candidate selection process is based on personal competencies, relevant experience and qualifications that are related to the job requirements.

Our recruitment services include:

  • Verbal references
  • Employment Background Checks
  • Qualification verification
    • Background chekcs
    • Verbal References
  • Skills assessment (testing)
  • Criminal records
    • ID and License verification
  • Head-Hunting
  • Talent Search
  • Sourcing (Temporary and Contract Placements)
  • Response Handling
  • Advertising (Placement of advertisements)

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