Field Marketing Staff

Field Marketing solution is a must for any company wanting to capitlise on the power of face-to-face communication with their customers. By using our highly trained and professional field marketing staff you ensure that your customers interact with your brand and products in a meaningful and lasting manner. Essential to the effectiveness of any field marketing endeavor is the consistent and clear communication of your message to your customers, at Quest we pride ourselves on finding the best staff with the skills and ability to hit the mark every time.

Sales Agents – Can be placed for you at retail stores, banking branches & non-office based operations
Field Marketers – Complete brand and product optimisation for you at all your outlets and/or points of sale.
Promotional Teams – – Work in any environment to do on-site branding and merchandising on your behalf.
Branding and Merchandising Agents –Work in any environment to provide promotional services for you by using our staff database to procure and deploy the necessary resources. Our in-store promotional services include product sampling, product demonstrations, active selling and leafleting events.
Customised Solutions – Let us create a solution specifically tailored to your promotional needs for communication direct to your customers.